May 30th 1984

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I had an appalling night once again, up every hour to visit the toilet.  Being constantly ill is depressing me enormously.  Apart from the obvious inconveniences, I am drained of energy, + it is depriving me of my enjoyment of food, life, + nearly everything else.  I spent virtually the entire day in bed, feeling both sick + sorry for myself, while Val ran around town getting various last-minute chores done – shopping for various foods, buying a skylight filter + lens cap holder for the camera, having our Chinese names written on our student cards – you never know, it just might help us to get student discounts.  I ate nothing all day, but at least managed some sleep, so had enough energy to get up to watch Liverpool play Roma in the European Cup final – it wasn’t at all a bad game, + ended, excitingly, in penalties.  Liverpool went first, + I thought they’d blown their chances when they missed, but 3 shots later, Roma did the same thing, almost identically, + then did it again 4 shots later, so all Allan Kennedy had to do was pop in the last one.  Which he did, very neatly.  Not an entirely satisfactory win, but I was pleased we pipped the Italians.  That makes 7 years out of 8 it’s gone to England.  And from something the commentator on the radio said, I gather Spurs won the EUFA Cup too.

Very little to report here, it being such a flat day, but we are preparing ourselves, rsther slowly, for our journey into China.

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