May 29th 1984

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Far from providing the opportunity we had hoped for, of looking round HK, the day turned out dismal + depressing.  The rain fell heavily, not providing any incentive to get out + at it.  So we stayed in bed late, breakfasted in leisurely fashion – it was into the afternoon before we finally got moving.  We bought Val 2 pairs of shoes from the Chinese Good Emporium along the street – they were both cheap + comfortable, one pair leather, one cloth Kung Fu shoes.  In the evening, we were able to enjoy looking at our photos, just returned from the developers.  The first roll in particular, of street scenes in Kathmandu was excellent, the black + white roll was by and large disappointing, + the mountain shots didn’t work nearly as well as we had hoped.  Which just goes to show what silly-billies we were for not having some sort of a filter to cut down the glare.  I paid a visit to the local Wendy’s fast-food place for my evening meal, just to make a change from Ronald McDonald, but I didn’t really enjoy it.  And then watched a little telly, before retiring to the delights of Auntie Beeb.

I suppose photography is another aspect of life now that is hugely, radically different from what it was in those days. Not knowing whether they were turning out all right, but having to wait,,, days, weeks, months. But in compensation, the excitement of receiving all those glimpses of the near-past laid out for one…

Auntie Beeb, by the way, for the benefit of those unversed in colloquuial English, is the slang name for the BBC.  And still, forty years on, pretty much still my best friend.  I use an iPad to keep up with the radio nowadays, but it remains my solace whenever I am away.

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