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Another rehearsal without Roji, and this time without even the virtual version, as the connection to Portland was so bad he could not be reached.  This did mean we were able to focus on Sasha’s scenes a little more, and by the end we were all pretty satisfied.

The other focus of the day was to harden up arrangements for Refugee Week, and our performance.  Things have progressed well in this regard over the past week, and it now looks a strong possibility that we will have three performances during the week: first at the Beck Theatre; then possibly in Portland – I took part in a Teams meeting with the support group for the Bibby Stockholm, and that may well lead on to performing there; and finally in Hackney with Counterpoint Arts.  But none of this will work if the performers are not also available, so we needed to talk over any potential problems.  Sure enough, Sasha has classes in the evenings on both Monday and Friday, but I have asked him to obtain an email address for his tutors so that I can contact them on his behalf.

Hamed and I (and maybe Sasha too) are driving down to Portland this Saturday in order to meet up with Roji and rehearse.  So, one way and another, things are moving in the right direction.

The photo shows Sasha in a lesser role, as a gull.  One of the conceits of the show is that the two main actors are trying to act Waiting For Godot, but also to make it more relevant to their lives, so one short scene is set on a boat, and Sasha switches from playing the tree to a visiting gull.  Is it a blatant attempt to shoehorn Sasha into a scene?  Absolutely.  Is it funny?  Definitely.

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