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Today we received conformation that Roji is going to be transferred to the Bibby Stockholm, the barge moored off Portland in Dorset which is being used to rehouse asylum seekers.  Or at least the final conformation arrived in the evening, with the receipt of an email.  We had pretty much all resigned ourselves to this fact, but had fought against it, providing evidence of how much an integral part of the local community Roji has become.  Unfortunately, none of that holds any sway with the Home Office.

Despite this, we decided to rehearse.  We were without Sasha again, because of his college course, so I stood in for his more active contributions (but of course the greatest loss is his physical contribution, as a sort of onstage audience, to the drama on stage – he really does make an enormous difference.)  And we managed to get all the way through the play, very nearly off the book entirely. 

For we have not entirely abandoned hope.  Provided the three main actors remain committed, our idea is to travel down to Portland on a couple of occasions to rehearse down there.  And possibly to perform too, if a venue and opportunity can be found.  I have been out in touch with the support organisation that exists down there, for we would need their support.

I am extremely reluctant to give up on the project, for I am actually very proud of it, and I think it would have quite an impact.  It would also be great for all three performers, so here’s hoping we can make it work.

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