Bad news, good news

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The bad news arrived by text this morning, when Roji told me he had received a letter telling him he was to be transferred to the Bibby Stockholm… which among other impacts would have the effect of cancelling the show (and I know it is selfish of me to focus on that, when the personal consequences for Roji are far more serious.)  He has asked me for a letter, which I was more than happy to provide (though I would be amazed if it did much good.  I also contacted the Monday group, and received some advice and practical assistance (a template letter or three.)

When I arrived at Wembley, Roji was understandably distracted, but we talked through the possibilities.  Hamed and I both think that his case is not necessarily hopeless.  He is a valued worker at a local charity shop, and they too have chimed in on his behalf – they are arranging training so that he can manage one shop, and have said that they will take him on as an employee when his status is accepted.  So fingers crossed.

We did get on with some rehearsals at this point, which, despite the absence of Sasha, at college, was very good – it is clear that they are getting to grips with it.

And the good news?  That Hamed’s wife has been granted leave to join Hamed!  Not for a month or two, as arrangements have to be made back in Iran, but still…

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