April 20th 1984

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We took things easy over a relaxed breakfast – I bought some crusty French bread + even a hot cross bun each in honour of today being Good Friday.  Quite excellent.  We decided to use the day shooting a roll of film on the Canon, so headed over to Hong Kong side on the ferry.  We went direct to one of the film festival cinemas, where “Merry Xmas Mr Lawrence” was showing this evening.  At last our opportunity to see the finished work.  So it was a decided + hefty blow to see the “Sold Out” sign against its name.  We could have kicked ourselves for not having booked for it earlier, especially since Val had come over yesterday, to collect Walter the Walkman’s missing screw.  We felt very depressed, + nearly gave up + went back.  It was quite an effort of will to steady ourselves, + decide to wander around + shoot some film.  It certainly wasn’t the best of days for such activity – very grey + misty.  But we finished a roll off easily enough – some arty, some straight tourist, + headed back to have them developed.  They were passable, by no means wonderful, but then the subject matter had been dull, and, using slow shutter speed to compensate for the poor light, I had ruined a couple of pictures with picture shake.  In addition, unaccountably + for the first time ever, I had pulled the film a little way out of its container when unloading it from the camera, + had wiped out 2 or 3 shots.

Val wasn’t feeling very hungry in the evening, so I went out + consumed a couple of hamburgers at McD’s – my last chance for a while, perhaps.  Or has Ronald made it to Kathmandu as well?  I was feeling a little apprehensive during the evening, nervous energy making me restless, so I couldn’t settle.  However, chatted with various others, who would say nice things about our camera + the price we paid for it, so that cheered me a little.  “Chariots of Fire” was showing on the telly, + tho’ I wasn’t specially interested, I would occasionally look at it to watch a scene I particularly enjoyed, + somehow the evening passed by.  I was still restless very late, + was almost tempted when Ray invited me out for a drink.  But I recognised the potential for that becoming a very heavy night, + declined.  Decided I should go to bed, despite being not in the least tired.  A big day tomorrow.

Definitely has the feeling of waiting for something to happen – for good or ill – tomorrow.

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