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Mr Big?

All three of the cast present, back in our old space… all positive.  But now the task is to persuade the actors that they both can and must learn their lines.  We have had enough rehearsals now when the actors are reading to me; in order to make progress, we need to experiencer, and repeat, the process of acting… and that cannot happen when you are holding a book, occupying your hands, your eyes, your focus.

But having said that, we did manage to cover a couple of scenes, which covers five or so pages.  We ran the opening of the play a few times, and eventually we were able to do this off-script, and it really came to life.  We also looked at the Pozzo scene, which is becoming one of my favourite scenes, as Sasha brings a new dynamic.

And finally we made a start with the movement scene, indicating the increasing crowdedness of their daily life.  It does have a piece of music that can accompany it, the Laurel and Hardy theme tune (also tying in with the clown aspect of the portrayal), but we have met a technological obstacle.  I have the piece of music on a much-used CD, but transferring that to a format which can be played on a phone is proving surprisingly tricky.  Most PCs no longer have a disc drive, which was the most straightforward method.  So I have passed the CD tp Roji, and he is going to consult some of his more technologically-minded friends.

But it was a good session overall, and in my more optimistic moments, I allow myself to become excited by it.

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