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No Sasha today, as he was involved in some sort of preparations for the Iranian New Year, but no real concerns either, as he texted in advance to say he would be missing, and he has always seemed very positive.  I very much hope he stays on board, as he makes a huge difference to the play, acting as a sort of on-stage, mostly silent but very expressive, commentator.

But it did mean we could concentrate on Didi and Gogo, Vladimir and Estragon, Hamed and Roji.  We were back in our old room, the Home Office having apparently moved on, but it was also serving as a general recreation area, so no more privacy than before.  We picked up from where we left off last week, and blocked this out until the end of the play.  Which means there is now only one scene – a movement section that will be played out over a silent movie-type backing – that we have not yet tackled.  So I am pleased with the progress we have made, my one concern being the fact that they stil have made virtually no progress on learning their lines, and there is very little that I can do about that, beyond exhortations.

But much of what they are doing is very funny, and I am optimistic that it will make for a good show.  I have been in contact with Compass Collective, the group with which we shared a stage at the Beck Theatre last year, and they are keen to collaborate again with us, offering us a slot in Refugee Week, at a brand new venue that they are opening in Hammersmith – very exciting.

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