March 17th 1984

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So little to report today, it hardly seems worth the effort.  Still… we lazed in the sun today, taking care, we hope, to avoid sunburn.  The sun is incredibly fierce, too powerful to endure for long.  Val already has white marks from lying in the sun with her bikini on.  Such things are pretty much dispensable here, bikini tops certainly + any costume at all in more secluded spots.  It’s strictly speaking against the law, so to circumvent it one can buy a sort of garment which covers just the most vital bit.  It’s so insignificant a garment that I would never consider buying it, let alone putting it on.

During the afternoon I went on my video hunt, tho’ again without discovering anything that excited me terribly much.  On the way back, however, I happened to pass by the volleyball just as 2 sides were forming for teams, + was prevailed upon to join in.  I did so, + had an enjoyable couple of hours – our team lost 2-3, + I couldn’t say I played very well but nonetheless enjoyed myself.

We had our dinner at Munchies bungalows – we were able to sit on their covered terrace + watch the big orange moon come up – much more interesting than David Essex in “Silver Dream Racer” on the video inside.  We retraced our trudge along the beach to the Chaweng guest-house for dessert, + by chance were there just in time to see “Mad Max 2”, lone of the films on our must-see list.  It wasn’t, actually, all that good – it suffered considerably from being on a small screen, plus both Val + I were rather stoned.  We did consider, briefly, going to the disco even further down the beach, but succumbed to fatigue + apathy.

Another day of relaxation, though I suppose the volleyball did constitute my exercise for the day. But you can probably already sense our restlessness; we are preparing ourselves for life back on the road.

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