“Prisoners? No, you’re not prisoners.”

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My train being a bit late, all three of my actors were there waiting for me.  Not a great deal to report, however.  It was a good rehearsal, even managing a page or so off-book, which is always encouraging.  After which, we moved on through the script, blocking, adding detail.

I am particularly pleased with Sasha.  His main role is as the tree, and one might think this a pretty thankless part, but he imbues it with wit and understanding.  And most of the time, he does not require much in the way of direction.  And since he is wonderfully expressive, he really brings the play alive.  He also takes on Pozzo, who we have turned into a sort of immigration official, and he gives this a real sense of menace.

The other good news is that we may be on the way towards securing a performance space, as I had a zoom call with Dijana Rakovic from Counterpoint Arts, and they are developing a performance space for Refugee Week; I got the impression that one of these is ours if we want it.  I am also in touch with Compass Collective (though with some communication issues at present) so there are some positive signs.  All we need to do is make sure we have a show!

  1. Krystyna Hewitt

    Have you thought of festivals for performances? I’m thinking Beacon and Towersey locally but I’m sure there are some in London.

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