March 11th 1984

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Alor Set

Caught the ferry over to Butterworth – Penang had been alright, but we really hadn’t been in the right frame of mind to enjoy it, itchy feet, I suppose.  With some effort, we found the bus to Alor Setar, the next town up, close to the Thai border.  From there, there were a couple of options available to us for crossing over, but after a few enquiries, we eventually settled on the cheapest, taking the train.  The biggest problem with this was that it meant hanging around in Alor Setar, as the train only runs in the morning.  It made today a wasted day in many ways, Alor Setar not having much to offer, + having to stay in a decidedly seedy hotel.  But this was almost the only way for us to manage the train, as it left at an impossibly early hour. 

We made the most of our situation, however, + set out to explore the town.  And eventually found the nice bit, an attractive square with some impressive buildings ranged around it.  Afterwards, we relaxed in our hotel room, listening once again to the Christmas tape we received.  In the evening, we strolled around once again, more because we felt we should than because of any particular objective in mind.

One thing I forgot to mention – we bought the Sunday paper back in Penang before we left, + sure enough there was big half-page spread on us, with 3 pictures.  We didn’t understand more than a couple of phrases, but it was still nice to see it.

And so we are on the raod again, very nearly on to our next destination – Thailand. Annoying that we are still having to kill some time, but then that is the nature of travel, containing an awful lot of waiting around.

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