March 10th 1984

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Val at the Snake temple

We had a few things to do this morning, so I went off to the PO, while Val collected a film we’d had developed, + then we met at the supermarket for breakfast – Frosties + milk.  By the time that was out of the way, + then we’d sought out a camera repair shop to fix our definitely malingering camera  – to no avail, the man wasn’t there – the morning was all gone.  We’d intended to take buses to go round the island today, + did indeed set off with that in mind, but had got no further than the first stop, the Snake temple, when we decided we’d left it too late, + so went straight back.  The temple was disappointing too, which didn’t improve our enthusiasm – a bit of a commercial rip-off.

Val was pretty washed-out by the time we got back, but I had a few beans + a yen to see the town, so I hired a trishaw for an hour to take me on a conducted tour.  Not that my driver was up to much as a guide, But I saw a few sights + took a few pictures – we’re using the camera on the flash setting, when the shutter doesn’t stay open.  And it’s not really satisfactory, since it cuts out the automatic controls.  But better than nothing, we hope.

When I returned, I bought a T-shirt – the rage is for plain cotton T-shirts + singlets in bright colours with a Chinese character – happy, friendly, etc – printed on.  I settled on a shocking pink one.  We wandered around the streets a little in the evening, both eating from the side-stalls – Val had a laksa, a sort of soup, while I was much less adventurous + settled for a hamburger.  It would have been alright if it hadn’t been drowned in chili sauce.  In the evening, I wrote a letter to Kent.  We’re marking time, however, + neither of us really want to be here.  Which accounts for the irritability.  It’s definitely time to move on.  Which is what we are doing tomorrow.

Repewtition of a theme: time to move on. This somewhat restless spirit (which fortunately we share) has had an influence throughout the entire trip – we get somewhere, we take in what there is to see, and we are off again.

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