didi and gogo are waiting

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The best news is that we now have a play.  I had been puzzling over how to combine the work we had already done on scenes from Godot, with aspects of their own life and situation, to create something that is both learnable and performable.  It occurred to me that I could do something like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, the Stoppard play, which takes two minor characters from Hamlet and explores their life while waiting for the rest of Hamlet to play out.  Of course, this could not be exactly the same; these are the dominating characters from the play.  It is also the case that Godot is, I think, still in copyright, so I do have to take care about not simply lifting huge chunks.  But our play, which I have called didi and gogo are waiting (as a sort of tribute to the Stoppard idea) is only about 30 minutes in total, so though we do still perform short sections of the original, in the end they are not really extensive.  And I shall just have to see whether any problems arise.

But we do now have a completed play to work on, and one that I am pleased with, which does take the original characters, but also says something about the life the actors are leading.

The other very good news is that Sasha was there again today; a relief, as I have written him in.  He sort of plays Pozzo (one of the people Estragon and Vladimir meet) but he is also the tree, as well as an immigration official… sort of.

The rehearsal went very well.  Sasha makes a real difference to things, in all of the characters he plays, but he was particularly pleased to have been given some lines.

There are also some possibilities regarding a venue etc, so good news there too.  More detailed information on that front as it arises.

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