March 3rd 1984

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Our route through Malaysia

I read the Anthony Burgess book virtually from the moment I got up until I finally got it finished, sometime during the afternoon (or maybe late evening) when Val took over.  It was an enthralling book, describing the different races that make up Malaysia wonderfully well.  And, of course, it’s particularly good to read it while one is immersed in the country.  Hassan had promised to come round sometime during the day, + he + Faridah did make fleeting appearances, but generally disappearing again to do something or see about something else.  Ima returned during the day, + later came Johan, her husband, preceded into the house by mountains of photographic equipment.  H + F finally came + took us out at about 10 – we went to a Sunday night market (yet, it is Saturday, but they refer to the night as belonging to the day following, like Christmas Eve.)  It would have been interesting, except that it was mostly closed down – another example of H + F’s tardiness.  So we stopped off for a fruit drink, + went back to their house – this was where we were spending the night.  The lounge was full of people we’d never met watching a kung fu movie on the video.  I managed to sit thro’ that one, but gave up when another one was put on to follow it, + pushed off to bed.  Val had more sense, + had gone there well before… but she had Mr Burgess to lure her away.

And even more of a nothing day, mostly lost in a book; we really do feel we ought to be moving on to Thailand. But our hosts have really been both kind and generous, and in the end it is our decision.

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