January 2nd 1984

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Our official permit

Our laziest day on board yet.  We didn’t leave last night, as you may have already gathered,  but it may have been just as well, since the boat moored next to us, which did leave yesterday evening, had to return during the night with a broken mast – the seas were very rough.  We haven’t really given the matter a great deal of thought, but I’m not sure how well we’ll cope with the motion aboard the ship while we’re out at sea.  There’s acres of room on board, making it that much more difficult to wedge oneself somewhere, plus with the shallow draught + broad beam of the boat, I would think there would be a tendency towards heavy rolling.

The crew made sure the sails were ready in the morning – once that was done quite a few of them shoved off.  We didn’t mind – it made for a peaceful day.  I had my mandi out on the front deck, as most of the crew do.  Much more room out there, + pleasanter too.  Unfortunately for Val, it’s not an option she can take advantage of.  Other than that, nothing of note.  I managed to complete my 3 days’ worth of diary, + then finish off the evening in the pleasantest of ways, reading a chapter of my book.  I’m not used to such episodic reading, generally taking my literature in the same way that I take my food, in as large mouthfuls as I can manage.  We’re ready to be off now – the word is tomorrow night.

Not a day worthy of much comment, just a pleasantly relaxing one of reading and writing. The photo shows the crew fetching water from the large fresh water tank on deck.

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