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Our final session of the year, and of course I have managed to forget – as on so many occasions – to take a picture.   So will make do with this; appropriate enough as the class was devoted to Ebeneezer Scrooge and our very own version of A Christmas Carol.

We were depleted in numbers, as seems to be the case right now, but Roji and Fatehas were both there, and the latter had invited along two of her friends from the hotel, Iranians (of course!) like herself.  Though neither of them had very much English.  And Hamed was there too, of course.  We started with mince pies, which I had made and brought in for the occasion, and which were greatly appreciated.

And then we looked at a script of the play.  Luckily, I had found a particularly short one in my files, the whole play reduced to 2 sides of A4.  Even so, it would be a struggle to tell the story with such a limited cast.  Roji was a splendid Scrooge, Hamed a fine Bob Cratchit, and Fatehas was various people – a charity collector, sister Fan, sweetheart Mary, Mrs Cratchit and Tiny Tim.  We ran it through twice, once as a reading, once with some limited acting (though Hamed coming to life as a Jacob Marley door-knocker was a particular highlight.  And finally, I showed them the last ten minutes or so of a film version I happened to find at home.  Not a particularly well-known one (no Aklastair Sim, no Kermit, no Bill Murray) featuring Patrick Stewart, but it gave the familiar warm glow.  For me too, it has to be said.

God bless us, every one.

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