November 26th 1983

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Ujung Pandang

Very little to report today, since we spent most of it on the bus.  We travelled back on the Flora’s own bus-line, since that seemed the simplest – we wouldn’t have to worry about carrying our bags very far – but it proved to be a mistake, since the bus wasn’t in as good condition as the Liman Express, so it was a much bumpier ride.  We then made things worse for ourselves, from moving from the seats by the door we had booked, to the unoccupied rear seats.  It was far bumpier back there, + the extra room we had was more of a con than a pro.  Nonetheless, altho’ the ride was long, it wasn’t really unpleasant.  We looked at the scenery, listened to the Walkman, weaved + dreamed.  We stopped once for lunch + once for dinner, both welcome breaks, but it was better to arrive once more at UP, at the Ramayana. 

We were remembered, it seemed, + given the same room.  We dumped our bags, + immediately shot out again, to the Sakura film processing shop, to have a film developed, + order some re-prints, + to the bakery, where we over-indulged in rolls + cakes – all the foods here seem to be heavy on starch, whether it be rice or dough.  If I could only turn them on to potatoes.  Still, we enjoyed our meal back in our room, washing it down with home-made tea.

Then, discussion-time.  We’d already decided to shelve plan A, of sailing to Java, + shall instead look, probably tomorrow, for a boat to Kalimantan, + then work our way around the coast to Sabah, Brunei, + Sarawak.  We are carrying too many things at the moment, + are a bit laden down.  As well as the presents I was given from school, Val has bought a hat + a big woven basket, so we have to ship them off home as soon as possible.

During the last part of the evening, I began a letter to Tony Wheeler, the author of our Yellow Guide.  He invites contributions, + Tom + Jan have written to him on several occasions, each time receiving a copy of one of his other publications as a reward.

Back in Ujung Pandang, one of the most unpleasant cities we visited in all of Asia, though clearly it did have its attractions, at least in terms of a bakery and other amenities. I either didn’t finish the letter to Tony Wheeler (entirely possible) or it bore no fruit.

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