November 2nd 1983

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Tried to arise a little earlier today, to go to the bi-weekly market.  It was, tho’, a long hot walk, along a dusty road.  But worth it, since it was a far bigger affair than I would have imagined, both in terms of the number of people there, + in the variety of produce being offered – I had only really expected a few lime fruits + vegetables.  We bought a pineapple, a cucumber, a bunch of spinach-type leaves, some bananas, 2 hard-boiled eggs, + a water melon.  But they also had corn (cooked + uncooked), pumpkin, smoked fish, breads + cakes, betel nuts, sweet potatoes, + nylon string (this last being for making the string bags they all carry.)

We plodded home once more with our purchases, pausing briefly at the Trade Store to buy a can of fish, + then to home where Val prepared a fine lunch.  She’d baked some more bread, which unfortunately had not worked out as successfully as yesterday’s, but we had egg + cucumber + most important tea, so all was well.  Val slept for most of the afternoon, while I wrote this, + then, under some urging, cooked our tea.  Partly successful, in that the fish + rice were very tasty, the spinach virtually inedible.  I also cooked some sweet rice, which we ate with pineapple.  This was nice, tho’ could have been cooked a little more.  I was still annoyed, however, by Val telling me so.  I’m not a good receiver of criticism, which should make me less ready to deliver it.  We spent a quiet evening, reading.

Quiet domesticity, for the most part, while we wait for the boat to arrive. Probably just as well, while we allow our bodies to recover from the walk.

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