October 15th 1983

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Weren’t able to accomplish so very much today.  Lethargy strengthens its hold upon us day by day, but at least today we had an excuse for idleness.  Our first task, + it was no small undertaking, it did need us both, was to wash our sleeping bags, preparatory to sending them home.  With the thieving going on, in particular our experience of it, we felt we couldn’t leave them on the line unguarded, which meant sitting at the table just outside the kitchen + watching them.  We did leave them, it’s true, for an hour or 2 in the morning, but that was when they were soaking wet, impossibly heavy, + least attractive to a potential thief.  Shopping done, we were able to resume our vigilance.  Actually, I left Val to it for quite a while while I watched the cricket on telly.  Tasmania beat Queensland in a limited over game – entertaining too.  One American guy there had never seen a cricket game in his life, so I explained a bit about it to him.  He can’t have been very impressed tho’, since he soon wandered off.

By co-incidence, we had further contact with him this afternoon, since he lent us his copy of the South Pacific handbook, which has a good section on PNG, + a specially good section on the Kokoda trail, about which we’d been able to find virtually nothing.  He is flying out to Moresby on the same flight we hope to be taking this Wednesday, + in fact we’ve discovered about 6 people all flying either then or on Friday.  5 of them plan to walk the Kokoda trail, so we can’t be totally reckless fools.

In the evening was the barbecue.  I spent some time before it got going chatting to an English bloke who’d travelled quite a bit in Africa, + he fired me up quite a bit about that.  If we have enough money, we’ll almost certainly head that way from India.  The barbecue itself was nothing special, I thought.  It was good value again, but whether they’re good or not depends on the company at one’s table, + ours was not particularly inspiring.  Not that we exactly sparkled ourselves, so I really shouldn’t complain.  Highlight of the evening was a firework display, held in the local park, with plenty of big rockets to entertain everyone.  It was commemorating the end of “Fun in the sun” week.

Another picture from our diving trip – or at least evidence of it, in the shape of Val’s certificate (though I have no idea who I Jonas is.) Otherwise, more focused on what is to come, in particular the Kokoda Trail, an old wartime trail up and down which the Australians and Japanese fought each other. We plan to walk it, partly because of the sheer challenge, but also because it gets us to the north of New Guinea – otherwise, almostcertainlyu, we would have to fly.

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