October 12th 1983

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Val + I went our separate ways today – not in any permanent sense , you understand.  I walked out to the Cruising Yacht Club once again to check on our note, to see if I could speak to the people in the office.  A long, hot walk of course, but I was a bit more ready for it this time, + had a cold ginger beer out of the machine as a reward when I got there.  This was all the reward I received  mind – our note was untouched, there was  nothing else of use on the board, + the people in the office weren’t particularly useful or friendly – they rarely are to those of our ilk.  So I had to walk back again – tho’ I did get a lift for about half the way.

It had been Val’s task to walk around the yachts tied up at the wharf in town, plus check once again with the commercial boats, but when I returned to the hostel she wasn’t there, prompting me to feel a) worried (kidnapped by a white slaver?), + b) slightly hopeful.  And it was sometime yet before she returned.  But the results weren’t wonderful.  She had managed actually to talk with some yachties, had even found one boat sailing to Port Moresby this afternoon (it was also full), but nobody had been able to help us.  Ah well.  We both felt pretty low at this stage, so the rest of the day was a washout.  We ate a somewhat uninspired salad for tea, then went back to our room.  I later went out for a stroll + a beer, but enjoyed neither.

Our final throw of the dice regarding finding any other way of getting out of Australia.

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