October 11th 1983

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Not a spectacularly wonderful day – we are sitting here, marking time, wasting time really, just waiting for the word to be off to PNG.  We dutifully trotted back to the Air Niugini office, discovered that our bookings had been accepted by the ever-mighty computer, rec’d a letter to say so, + rushed down to the PO to whisk our visa application off to the Indonesian embassy..  Now it’s up to them to get it back to us in time to leave, as arranged, on the 19th.

Killed some time strolling round the streets of the city – we’ve done that so much recently that I’ve become heartily sick of the place – + then in the afternoon we went on a tour of a local brewery.  We arrived a little early, but that turned out to be just as well, since we + the other newcomers were welcomed into their hospitality room + given free beer.  Val + I had had a couple each by the time the actual tour started (+ she’d needed help with those), + another one afterwards, so they went down very nicely indeed thank you.  And there were peanuts too.    And all for naught.  Mind you, the tour itself was pretty ropey – we only saw 2 operations, cleaning barrels, + filling barrels – so we hardly got a good perspective upon the brewer’s life.  Apparently, it’s because of state govt regulations – in Queensland, beer is regarded as a food, + is consequently subject to stringent regulations.  Tho’why that should include banning tours is beyond me.  However, after our 5  minute jaunt, we were back in the hospitality room, + were shown some videos.  One was a tedious public relations “How beer is brewed” job, then a couple of their TV commercials for the stuff, + finally + best, a collection of commercials for Fosters on British TV.  After which, we came home. 

Val cooked tea – I wasn’t in a state to – a lovely liver + bacon stew.  And that was just about the end of the evening.  “Apocalypse Now” was the video film, but that was another that I couldn’t see working on the small screen, so I gave it a miss, + wrote letters.

The major thing I recall is being told to keep beer glasses in the freezer, and never to allow then to be used for milk, pop, water or any other disgusting beverage. Just beer.

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