September 26th 1983

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By our current standards, we slept in, not getting up till nearly 9, when the sun on the roof drove us out.  Just across the way was a big shopping complex, complete with Safeway, so we went over there to stock ourselves.  Also to look for a pair of trousers for me – the situation is becoming desperate, since my only pair have bust their zip, largely my own fault I think – I’ve put on a lot of weight during my stay in Sydney.  But no luck as yet.

Walked into town.  We’d had various estimates as to the distance involved, ranging from 10 mins to 2 miles, + as usual the truth turned out to be somewhere between the 2.  We checked out the yacht situation, but without success.  The Yacht Club wouldn’t allow us to put a note up on their board, so we wandered down to see the boats direct.  There were only about 6 cruising yachts, + none of them were going in the direction we wanted, so no luck there.  Consoled ourselves with strawberries + cream – definitely not good for my figure, especially considering I can’t even get into 34” waist trousers now.  But satisfying, nonetheless.

A hot walk back, but we cooled off with a dip in the pool, + then lazed around.  Val was the cook for the evening – barbecued steak + potato salad was on the menu.  It was, however, a fairly dismal failure.  The potatoes took too long to cook, Val disdaining to use our stove, + instead boiling them on top of the barbecue plate.  And the steak was tough as old boots, being cooked too slowly + too long.  What was more, we were eating in the dark, after having made ourselves a definite promise to eat in daylight.  So all in all I was in a foul mood, blaming Val entirely, not only for the errors, but for not owning up to the errors.  We went to bed miserable.

Not the greatest of days, then; not even moving forward in this case. But then an awful lot of travelling involves this sort of nothing day, all the more so if you are somewhere inherently dull… like Townsville.

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