One week (well, five days) to go

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Our final rehearsal before the day itself, but this will be a short entry.  Partly because, in my regular lack of taking a photo, I had no way of illustrating it.  So it is being written late (post-performance indeed), so apologies.  It was good that we had a good turn-out, with the return of Carla – she is a strong addition to the group.  We had hoped that she would be able to slot into Tick-Tock, to make it an all-female group once again, but she did find it a struggle.  It really is a complicated little scene, and has to be understood internally, as there is no script as such.

The day proved to be something of a trial, as we first ran through the technicalities of how to enter and exit, before having a full run-through.  And that went reasonably smoothly.  I have not been worried about getting the show ready, as it is very much a case of remembering what went on before, but I suppose I am a little disappointed that it has been hard to replicate what I have one before with revived shows, which is to add an extra veneer of quality.

Not that this is particularly relevant to the rehearsal process, but I had another nightmare journey returning to Oxford, when, at West Ruislip, where I need to catch a connecting train, the incoming train was so busy that it was completely impossible to squeeze inside.  Which meant that it departed, leaving me and a few other souls on the platform.  I was just about preparing myself for the hour wait before the  next train, when one of my fellow disappointees asked whether I was going to Wycombe, and would I like a ride in his uber.  I was, and I did – and my benefactor would not even accept any money – so at least the day ended on a slightly more positive note.

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