Park bench

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The first person through the door today was Yasser, a young man from Yemen.  I thought at first he had happened upon us by chance, but Thomas arrived shortly after, and things became clearer; that Yasser was another resident of Best Western, another nearby hotel, and had been encouraged to come along by Thomas (taking over recruiting officer duties from Aisha.)  In fact, as people drifted in, it turned out that everyone knew Yasser (except me.)  He expressed the usual desire to watch from the sides, but I more or less joked with him that he would be expected to join in.

In fact, apart from Frishta, who told me last week that she would attending a sewing course, and Alem, the attendance was very good, so that we were able to rehearse a couple of scenes from the play: Godot, the opening “station” scene, and the Hokey-Cokey section, into which we inserted Tulsi, who has worked with us enough now to be a member of the full cast.

For the final part of the session, we used a spontaneous improvisation set-up called The Park Bench, in which characters come and go in turn, creating a series of duologues, or more often scenes with little actual dialogue.  Both Tulsi and Yasser joined in, showing themselves to be very comfortable as members of the group.  All in all, it was an encouraging and positive session.

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