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By recent standards, we had quite a respectable showing today; only Alem was missing, and he has to come all the way from Barbican, quite a trek, and with an attendant cost – no small matter.  We will look into what we can do to both help and encourage him.  Tulsi, the trans person from Malaysia who came last week, turned up again – it is generally something of a surprise when somebody makes a return visit, as there have been so many that we only see the once.  There was also a young man from Nigeria – I am not sure I got his name – who made a tentative appearance, and I hope he too will join the group.  His English is excellent, and he shows some promise, but there is no point in getting excited about him until he shows he is interested.

Abdulaziz was late as usual – he has college, so cannot come earlier, but he has otherwise been most reliable recently.  And (fanfare etc) for the first time since the performance, we had Ali join us.  He was much his usual self, and fairly typically had no knowledge of the additional performance; his lack of English does make it very hard to be able to communicate with him.

I have decided that for the time being we will mostly leave No Waiting, as I am worried that it will become counter-productive.  But we did spend some time looking at the new scene; having additional people made it run all the more smoothly.  But I am very pleased that I chose Thomas to play the lead in this one, as he has a natural ability to react to all that happens to him.

For the rest of the session, we played a game or two, tried out some improvisations based on the idea of slow-motion, and then finished with the improve game Freeze!  This was most successful, and led to some excellent and hugely entertaining scenes.  In all, it was a successful session today, but I do have to allow myself just to go with it, and not become too stressed and anxious about the coming performance.

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