April 15th 1983

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The rain poured + poured all night, so we reckoned ln another day in jolly old Routeburn Falls hut, unless there was a dramatic + mildly immediate change in the weather.  2 of our 3 companions were undecided, saying first they would go, then they wouldn’t, then they would.  Ultimately, with our splendid example of inactivity to guide them, they stayed.  The 5th member seemed already decided – she slept for much of the day.  Come 4 o’clock, we were almost convinced we had made the wrong decision, when in trooped tramper after tramper after tramper, most of them of course come in off the bus.  We’d known the bus would generate extra traffic, but we’d had  no idea it would be anything like this amount.  Still, we passed the evening pleasantly, reading + playing cards.  Overheard somebody talking about catching the boat from Bombay to Mombasa – good to hear others regard it as a possibility, since we have it in mind as a possibility.

A day of inactivity – heaven knows how we spent it, cooped up in a small hut; I talk about the evening, but actually how did we get through the day? Still, we did. Some mention too of our taxi companions, though hardly much detail: one is female, and sleeps a lot, the others are a tad indecisive.

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