April 13th 1983

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Today was the day we should have been flying to Australia.  But, regrettably, events had pushed us into delaying our departure, + here we are, in Queenstown.   A lazy, lazy day.We met Andy late in town late in the morning, + then sat around the Mall waiting for the pancake house to open so that we could treat ourselves.  Which, come 12 o’clock, we did.  A bit expensive, but what the hell.  The afternoon was much along the same pattern, sitting around, reading.  Andy said goodbye again, more permanently this time, I think, + we went for a walk thro’ the park.  Very pleasant.  Then back to the Mall to collect my jewellery which I’d had fixed, + 2 packs of photos.  We took the photos back to the camp-site, to be able to enjoy them at our leisure.  The first set were OK, the second exceedingly disappointing – they weren’t ours.  Fortunately, the chemist was open again in the evening, so we were able to return + sort things out.

Next stop was the Youth Hostel, where we were hoping to contact 3 other people to make up a full taxi-load to go out to the beginning of the Routeburn.  That way, tho’ it wouldn’t be any cheaper than the bus, we would be able to avoid any big crowd that the bus might take out, + could leave tomorrow, rather than wait for the next bus day, on Friday.  We were lucky – I immediately ran into a party of 3 looking for 2 others.  So we arranged a meeting time, + that was that.

Not sure why it was regrettable that we were extending our time in New Zealand, as we seem to be having a relatively active and exciting time. But I was always keen to move on, and this an extreme version of it, I suppose.

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