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Our first meeting since the show, so first of all a chance to reflect on what we thought about it.  We had a new member too, Alem from Afghanistan, who had seen the show and so wanted to join the group.  Everyone was (pretty much as expected) very positive about the experience, Aisha in particular amazed at the response we had received from those who had seen it.  Fairly predictably, Hamed was the only one who had any negative comments, since he felt that, good as it was, it could have been even better – he is very much the perfectionist.  But since this accords with my own opinion, I cannot be critical of him.

I told the group about the possibility of doing the show again, and once I had cleared up any misconceptions – they thought at first I meant doing another show – they were pretty positive.  As I would hope.  But Ali, Frishta and Sherwan were not there, so we also need to ensure they are on board.  It will mean extra rehearsal – as I say, there are aspects that can be tightened up – and of course they lead volatile, unpredictable and for some surprisingly busy lives, so all of this needs to be addressed.

Eventually, we got down to some practical work.  Mostly games today: zip zap boing and “Who killed King John?” proving particular favourites.  But then back to basics with some mime work – the old favourites – and then developing and performing a scene.  There were just the six of them, so three scenes.  Aziz and Dasha fell apart, probably because of communication problems, but both the other two were great.  This took us right to the wire, time-wise, since I was keen to see their scenes… but did mean I missed my train.

Since then, there have been developments, with a possible invitation from Kensal Rise library (quite the local institution) to perform there.  Which is enormously exciting.  For me too, by the way; it’s given me quite a bounce.

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