April 7th 1983

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The wind continued to howl + the rain to pour, so in the hut we remained, reading, writing letters.  I felt proud, or proudish, to complete two and a half entire letters.  Which seems, I think, to sum up the day.  I can’t actually think of anything else we did at all, not till about 2.30, when the weather finally broke, + we walked into town to shop, check on the weather, drink coffee, etc.  Andy + Kirsten seem to be going thro’ rather a difficult phase.  K I find to be rather difficult.  She is moody, + I think sets too high a standard upon her own behaviour + that of others too, which makes her an exacting person to live with.  Val + I, who take each other very much for granted, find things very much easier.

When we returned from town, much the same pattern was re-established, tho’ there were 4 or 5 more people in the hut, so it was by no means as cosy as last night.  One elderly man was a new arrival, + to him I took a more or less instant dislike.  I’d seen him before, briefly, in the Youth Hostel, + hadn’t liked him then.  Now, I felt the same.

PIcture shows us outside the hut, dressed as though for an Arctic expedition. Can’t guarantee that this depicts the day in question, more likely the one after, but it does indicate both the place and the weather.

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