April 3rd 1983

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Andy in show-off mood

A leisurely start to the day – then much along the same pattern as yesterday, with a mixed bag of sitting around, playing games, + listening to music.  Nothing of especial note in the latter category, but much that was pleasant.  The main drawback that I’ve found to the weekend has been the weather, restricting the day to an early finish.  Even tho’ there has been plenty of sun, come 4 o’clock with the wind blowing up strong + the sun losing its power, it has suddenly become bloody cold, far too cold, I think, to enjoy the evening meal.  Tonight we all packed into one tent, which helped.

The concert in the evening was good, without perhaps the real highlights of the opening one, but then more consistently good throughout.  An American lady, Martha Louise, sang some beautiful stuff, + the real highlight was a wonderful air put together by a feller called Barry McDonald + his hastily put-together folkestra.  Wonderful, wonderful stuff.  The concert proper over, the chairs were swiftly stacked away, + we had some more dancing, which was very jolly.  Things went on into the night, I believe, but it was too cold for us.  We went to bed instead.

The festival draws to a close, and though it wasn’t exactly the most scintillating of such events, we were pleased that we had come, even if only to enjoy some singing and some dancing with some friends – it will be a while before such an opportunity comes again.

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