April 2nd 1983

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Andy and Steve

 I awoke this morning with some unwonted + much-wanted determination to make a far greater effort to derive more from the day.  Generally, I was unsuccessful.  A good start, with coffee in bed, brought courtesy of Val, + then, after breakfast, listening to the acts on in the club tent.  One guy, Marcus Turner, was especially good.  I bought Val a pair of earrings to commemorate 6 years together today, + also to say thanks for putting up with me over the past couple of days.  She seemed to appreciate the gesture.  It is better to give than to receive, but not for altruistic reasons.

Marcus Turner

The rest of the day was passed pleasantly – reading, throwing Frisbee, juggling (Steve has got me into that again) + occasionally listening to music.  We all went to the pub at about 5 o’clock, from my point of view, to tank myself up for the Barn Dance coming this evening.  Alcohol is a great loosener of inhibitions, especially on such occasions.  We had a pleasant time, buying a jug apiece + playing cards, joking much.  And then, when Val, Kirsten + Andy left to go to the barbecue, Steve + I remained to demolish 3 more, which made us pretty well-pickled, sufficiently so for us to tackle the rigours of the adventure playground on our way back.

Steve and Kirsten jamming with an unknown musician

The dance proved to be much as good as I’d hoped, tho’ it did tend to be a bit samey – I think there are ways of varying the proceedings, such as using different styles of dances – these were all very similar.  Still, the achieved object was much sweat, much fun + no trouble.  Steve left early, troubled, I think, by the lack of a female partner.  I know how he feels.

Saying farewell to the mouse

And when I said I know how Steve feels, I was talking of the past, of course, rather than the situation I was in then.

The final picture refers to an incident n ot recorded in the diary, but which Val, I and Andy all recall: we had been plagued by a mouse living in the Holden. Eventually he was caught and dispatched by a trap, but we gave him a bit of a send-off.

But this really was a farewell to Steve. We did see him once again, not in England as I surmised, but in Telluride, Colorado, where we visited him and his girlfriend, in 86… and when the Grateful Dead happened to be in town. It was quite a weekend.

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