March 31st 1983

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Kirsten, Val, Andy

This morning continued (for me) much as the night had gone on, not feeling at all well, being able to eat nothing.  It was a fine morning tho’ , + Val + I went for a walk along the beach.  We seem to have moved beyond passion, but to companionship so early?  Ah well.

Around lunchtime, we decided to move on to the festival site, so we could pick ourselves out a decent site, but we really needn’t have worried – we were very nearly the first ones there, + could have pour pick of the entire place, with the exception of the rugby pitch.  We took our time, pitched tent, + even took time out for tea + crumpets, but as the sun went down + the wind picked up, I found it all too cold + unpleasant, + went off to bed.  They were supposed to be having some sort of informal concert in the evening, so I asked Val to wake me for that.  The others ate + talked, + Steve + Alison turned up, pitching their tent near us.

After a while, everyone wandered over to the Hall, but when Val + I went over, we couldn’t find anyone, so on the assumption they’d all gone to the pub, we walked up there.  There were plenty of people in the pub, but no folkies, + specifically none of our friends, so back we headed to the domain, + eventually found them all upstairs in the rugby clubhouse.  It was a complete non-event there tho’ – just one or two people strumming, but no more – not even a singalong, so after a time we drifted back to bed.

Illness really does take the fun out of stuff, but this appears to be a pretty dismal start to the Festival.

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