March 30th 1983

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Kirsten and Malisse (not quite ready)

Andy collected us, as arranged, at 9 or so, + mercifully we were ready.  We then drove to collect Kirsten, who wasn’t.  However, after not too long a wait, we were packed + squeezed into the car, Malisse too coming as far as town.  Stopped at a second-hand shop, which was most fortunate for me, as I bought a pair of training shoes.  The place was relatively expensive, but still saved me money.  Town next, + chores – collecting photos, applying for visa extensions, Post Office, meeting up with the others at a coffee shop, where I had a chicken sandwich – this may be significant!  Shopping came next, which seemed to cost a fortune, but is, I suppose, for quite a few days, for quite a few people.  All such things delayed us, so that it was some time before we departed Christchurch + drove north, arriving at Amberley, the venue of the Folk Festival, + some 30 miles north, in the late afternoon.

We camped on the beach, away from everybody.  The place was beautiful, but so very, very cold, with a relentless wind blowing in from the sea, so soon after dinner we went to bed.  I wish that was all there was to tell, but I was up several times during the night, with my wind matching the ocean’s.  A couple of times, I only just made it to the toilet (a long way away) to have a great elephant trumpet voluntary of a fart announce the bubbling onrush of diahorrea.  Not pleasant.

Apologies for the far more detail than you needed description of my affliction. As I’ve said, a vital aspect of travelling… but there’s no need to inflict it upon you.

There’s a sign of another time – referring to my new purchase as “training shoes” – in those days, trainers were people.

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