March 29th 1983

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Christchurch cathedral

With the absence of a clock, we couldn’t tell whether or not we’d made an early start.  However, by the time we got into town, it was later than we’d thought.  Business first, of course.  We visited the Ministry of Labour, to enquire about extending our visas – without an extension, we couldn’t afford the time to go to the Folk Festival.  Somehow, we had contrived to leave our money + bank book in Andy’s car, hence were unable to show evidence of funds, + thus obtain the extension on the spot, but the girl didn’t seem to think there would be a problem, so we went right down to Air NZ to change the date of our air ticket.  Without the tickets themselves, I was anticipating horrible problems, but with the aid of a computer it seems to be a breeze.

What was left of the morning, we spent looking at + for shoes for me.  Without much luck.  In the afternoon, we saw “Gandhi”.  It’s been hailed as a masterpiece, + I think it probably is, tho’ I found it different to what I had expected.  Less emotional, less sensational, more reasoned, more weighed.  Ben Kingsley was magnificent, a triumph.  An overnight star, I suppose.

Met Steve again during the intermission – I knew I said I’d like to see him again but this is ridiculous.  He, Alison + Trish had come in just to see the film, but it seems he too will be going to the Festival, so we shall undoubtedly see him there.  Val + I bought fish + chips on the way home, then spent the evening chatting, watching telly, + (for me) getting this thing finally up to date.  Which is where I am now, doing precisely that.  Having done precisely that, I’m off to bed.

What is it about us and clocks/watches!? It seems to be a perennial problem, though I’m sure I have made reference at various points to obtaining an alarm clock.

As for our trip to the Air NZ was clearly, had we known it at the time, a glimpse of the future. We were still in the pre-digital world, where paper tickets (not to mention things like travellers’ cheques, photography on your phone, even actual letters) were all-important. Nowadays you just turn up at the airport with your passport (still just about hanging on) and your phone.

Good to run into Steve again, with more to come.

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