March 27th 1983

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Andy, Val and Steve on Oliver

Today was Andy’s birthday.  I felt rather better, tho’ not good.  So was unable to partake of the enormous + spicy breakfast Steve was making.  He is a very talented young man – he cooks, sews, juggles, + plays an excellent blues harmonica… tho’ not all at the same time.  I wish I had a quarter his skills + energies.  We had a very lazy day, mostly games of cards punctuated at regular intervals by spells of eating.  Dinner was a real feast – spaghetti, 2 quiches, blackberry+ apple pie, cheesecake, + birthday cake.  Even I managed a bit of most of those.  Come evening we sang, tho’ not a terrific amount, + then played charades.  Val was the undoubted star, because of her obtuse mind + mouse interpretations.  There were 2 more in the party by now – a loud young Australian lady called Alison, + a quiet young Englishman called Ken.  I still don’t know from where he sprang.

At least the mystery of the 2 additional people from yesterday’s photo is cleared up… though only up to a point (see last sentence.) Otherwise, it appears we spent our time eating and playing – nothing wrong with that.

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