March 19th 1983

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Chris and Val with Ruapeho behind (not particularly relevant to this post – from a week or two back.)

We had greatly regretted not having arranged to meet Andy a day earlier, but in fact we used the whole day very profitably, both working + resting.  Val did much mending, + we also washed clothes, bodies, etc, + baked – 2 quiches for tomorrow, + a jam tart for today.  Which took us very nicely thro’ the day – so nice not to have to do something.  In the evening we went into town to see a production of “Bullshot Crummond”.  We were early, so passed an hour in Chez Eelco, the classy café in town.  They provided a most wonderful cup of hot chocolate complete with a mountain of whipped cream.  And so to the play.  Culture – or  not, in this case.  The play was interesting, tho’ not much more than an extended revue sketch, but the performance was really very amateurish.  A bit of a groan affair, in fact, its guilt multiplied by the fact that we had to walk home afterwards.  You can’t win them all.

It would appear that we were appreciative of a lazy day – a few chores, a taste treat, and some culture, even if of the most limited kind. On the other hand, I think we were keen to push on, with a limited time and plenty still to see.

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