March 10th 1983

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Val on Anakiwa beach

Up + breakfasted + decided to go for a walk.  Didn’t think things thro’ properly tho’, since we took no provisions or water, but had half a mind on a bit of a longer walk, out to the road, + then hitching back round.  The trouble was, it was much further than we had thought to the road, + looking at the map afterwards, we realised we’d been absurdly optimistic.  Eventually, all we did was turn back on the track + retrace our steps – a very unsatisfactory way of doing things.  There were compensations – the walk was beautiful, thro’ dense rain-forest, lots of exotic ferns, etc, + also some wonderful views.  But we returned home exhausted, parched + disappointed.  Plus, my knee was stiff.  Just recently in particular it has been giving me a lot of problems.  Age perhaps.

Chores for most of the evening, Val on another baking spree, washing, clearing up the place a little.  Did telephone our next contact, (another of Bruce’s addresses) – they seemed to be looking forward to seeing us tomorrow.  Letters + diary in the evening – I finally caught up with the bloody thing!  Oh, also discovered that the tape we made for my mum was a waste of time.  Much of it hadn’t recorded, + then the tape-player showed what it thought by chewing it.  Ho hum.  (Euphemism for “fuck!”)

Another pretty relaxed day, even if our walk was not entirely satisfactory (but that was largely because of our unrealistic expectations.)

And up to date with the diary! I’m sure that it can’t last.

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