March 6th 1983

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Chris as a frog

I trotted up to the shop at an early hour to buy some goodies for breakfast – I even indulged myself in an extravagant manner, + bought some croissants.  In fact, we had 2 breakfasts, because Nick + Lynette cooked bacon + eggs a bit later on.  We were able to obtain the up-to-date football results as well (Nick is an Arsenal fan) + West Ham won!  Not that it matters any more, as they’ve slumped to about 8th.  Liverpool have just about won the thing already, which makes it all very boring.  Just to emphasise the point, we then watched the football on telly, in which Liverpool drew with Man Utd.  Those 2 are also in the Football League Cup Final… yawn, yawn. 

In the afternoon, we all went off to a softball game.  2 different sections at N + L’s work were playing each other in a challenge match, so these 2 were playing – Val + I went along as spectators.  Lynette was pretty miserable about the prospect, + really one can see her point.  The weather had turned really foul since yesterday, Windy Wellington living up to its name, + kicking up a hell of a gale.  Still ,she was a real misery.  I believe their relationship is going thro’ a bad patch, but it’s excessively bad manners to make other people witness one’s problems.  Anyway we went.  The wind was ferocious, tho’.  It was probably fortunate that one of the teams (not L + N’s) were short of players, so I got a game, which helped me, tho’ not much, to keep warm.  I don’t like the game very much, I must say.  People say cricket is dull, but it positively throbs with excitement compared with pedestrian softball, especially when played, as was our game, at a low standard.  We won by something like 29-28, but my contribution was not great.  I got all the way round once, tho’ not really by my own efforts, + was caught or run out several times.  It was a shame tho’ – there was plenty of beer + food available, + if it had been a nice day, an enjoyable, sociable afternoon out.  As it was, it was more in the nature of an endurance test.  Which doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy enduring. 

In the evening, we ate a tasty sweet + sour sausage concoction, + then played a game called Poleconomy.  It was a sort of variation upon Monopoly, + was quite interesting, tho’ we did find we had to modify the rules.  I won, which made me happy.  Then Lynette went home – she doesn’t live with Nick, + we watched a film on telly called “Blind Terror”.  I’d seen it before, + enjoyed it.  Quite a subtle yet suspenseful number.

Takkng advantage of having some unused photos to fill in here, when there isn’t much news to illustrate, and no particularly relevant photo. This one was of Chris pretending to be a frog at the water gardens we visited a while ago.

Very little else to comment on – certainly not the game of softball, with very little to add.

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