February 28th 1983

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Chris with broken glasses

Time to move on today.  Mike breakfasted with us, we arranged to meet in Taupo, the next designated port of call, + then he was off.  It took Val + I an extra hour or so to pack up our tent, + we followed suit.  Except that he got a ride all the way, whereas we had to walk the 6 km from Chateau out to Route 47.  But it didn’t do us any harm, + shortly afterwards we too fixed ourselves a ride, all the way to Taupo.  The guy dropped us at the Municipal campsite, where we paid our money, we pitched our tent, and wandered back to the Information Centre, where we ran into Mike once again, ahead of our scheduled meeting time. An uneventful afternoon, spent wandering round the shops, purchasing provisions, + attempting unsuccessfully, to have my glasses mended – I’ve been surviving with the 2 halves held together with sellotape.  We decided to eat together at our camp, since Mike’s place was further, but we soon discovered that our cooking facilities were poor, + ones for eating non-existent, so off to Mike’s it was.  Nothing like the luxury of Skotel, but a pleasant enough place, + Val cooked up a cottage pie, which was much appreciated.  Drinking in the evening, in a grotty hovel which seemed to be downtown Taupo’s only pub.  They did have a fair juke box, + we had a pleasant if distinctly non-riotous evening.

Very little to comment on here, as it was a workaday day – packing, travelling, etc. And my glasses, of course, though that seems to be an ongoing saga.

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