February 19th 1983

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Stump clearing

Slept only respectably well – the boat was a bit stuffy.  An excellent breakfast, of bacon omelette, toast + honey, + some of Ganesh’s wonderful espresso coffee.  Following which, we said our farewells, + were off.  Even so, it had somehow contrived to be noon by the time we were at the bus station, + on our way out to… Green Lanes.  No trouble with hitching today – about 3 rides, + we were safely deposited in Huntly once again.  Called Sandra, who asked if we could leave tomorrow instead of Monday, as they had 2 lots of visitors arriving tomorrow.  Naturally we said yes, offered to leave straight away of that would help.  No, that wouldn’t be necessary, she didn’t want to kick us out – + drove in to pick us up.

We sat + watched the cricket during the afternoon, England receiving a decisive drubbing by the Kiwis, + then the 3 of us played Scrabble.  Val won, of course – she always does.  It’s monotonous, like Liverpool and the Football League.  Bruce was away on a fishing trip, taking himself a rare day off, but returned at about 8, at which point we had bangers + mash, + then settled down to watch an excellent film, “Dog Day Afternoon”.

…and Val

Managing to fill our time pleasantly, with two lots of people with whom we feel comfortable, even if there was nothing of real excitement in the day.

Photos are of the other day, shifting tree stumps.

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