February 15th 1983

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Sybil had prepared us a magnificent breakfast when we awoke, so, with the luxury of a steaming hot bath as well, we were in the lap of luxury.  After which, Alan drove us out to a suitable place to hitch back to Auckland.  We’d rung Rich, + he reckoned Ganesh was coming out of the water today or tomorrow, so we reckoned we’d pop back to see ‘em.  Within two minutes of being dropped, we were on our way again, all the way to Auckland with an elderly lady in a plush + roomy car.  Fortunately for me, Val took the front seat, so had to do the chatting.  We were dropped off at… Green Lanes, so straight in on the bus to town.  It was only about 1 o’clock, so we dropped our bags off in a left-luggage + went to seek out Ganesh.  We had to wear our ponchos, as it was still pissing down, + we had a  bit of trouble finding the place, as we didn’t know where it was, + my memory of the company hauling them out was in error.  However, we stumbled upon it by chance, + there was Ganesh, sitting up out of the water – she’s only come out half an hour before, apparently.  Gavin was reasonably pleased to see us,  but there were quite a few people about, so we couldn’t do more than have a quick chat, + just sit around having a couple of beers.  One thing we did discover is that, contrary to what we’d been led to believe, there are still tickets left for the Simon + Garfunkel concert this coming Friday, so that will be something we have to consider.

Left + went back to town, rang Rich, then caught the bus out to his place.  He’s got a small flat of his own now, a self-contained place underneath his landlady.  He had a mate coming round for a bite to eat, so had prepared food for the 2 of them, but told us to help ourselves.  So we did.  But then we all went out to the pub.  Not a bad pub either – a modern décor, pretty comfortable, a pretty fair juke box.  And since Alan was interesting + interested, it was a pleasant evening.

Always good to catch up with old acquaintances; it gives us a small sense of normal life, rather than constantly being on the move – new places, new people. And that goes for Rich as well as Gavin. Not a single photo of Rich, I am afraid, either in Rarotonga or NZ, + I find it hard to recall his appearance myself, after all this time.

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