February 7th 1983

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Maori house

Slept till gone midday today, hardly surprisingly.  Have I mentioned how comfortable it is to sleep on those foam mats?  They’re marvellous, they really are, + we were mad to have done without them for so long.  We went to Paihia in the afternoon, for a series of failures.  No ticket returned from Australia, only one of our 3 re-prints done in vthe photo shop.  Mind you, it wqas good, the one they’d done – an enlargement of a picture of Val sitting in front of Haruru Falls.

Home again for some tea – but then I had to go to work in the evening, doing a stock-take.  It was only till 9 tho’, then home again.  Val had had a pleasant evening – she’d fallen in with a Wellington couple who’d taken her down to Paihia for a spot of fishing off the wharf.  She even caught 2.  And then there was a sort of party at one of the tents, to which we both went.  However, it was dull, dull, dull – especially since I was sat between 2 diesel mechanics, discussing the relative merits H110s +E238s etc.  And I’ve been off the booze for a few days, so didn’t even enjoy my beer.  And since we were all sat round in a circle, I couldn’t escape my company.  Val was more fortunate, sitting with her fishing companions.  Names Nick + Lynette.  They gave us their address too – which could be handy.  We made our excuses after a suitable interval, + crawled into our snugs.

Not so sure I am quite so enthusiaseic about foam mats, but maybe it’s because i now have an ancient and aching back. Still, if it did the job at the time…

Me off the beer!? Strange times indeed. And presumably a rsponse to the excesses of the past few days.

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