January 31st 1983

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Colonial house at Waitangi

I gave the block a thorough cleaning this morning – well, it was about time.  And when Val returned from work at about 11, we both went up to a flat, which River Park has rented, to clean that.  It was a really nice place with a fantastic view thro’ a big picture window out over the falls. It was enjoyable working with Val again, the work wasn’t difficult, + we were paid cash for it, this presumably not being part of our rent.  (Neither was Val’s work over the weekend incidentally – another $30 for the kitty.)  And then Val was off to work early at the Cascade – they’re supposed to have a lot of policemen arriving (to prepare for potential trouble over Waitangi weekend.)  Marion thought they might be very busy.  But in fact, she had virtually nothing to do all afternoon.  I was rung up + told I wasn’t required.  So I read DM for a while, then strolled up the hill; to visit Robert once again.  He was very friendly + we sat in his caravan + chatted + drank beer till 8, when we went over to the pub.  More talk, more drink – chatting + boozing with various individuals + groups, + then on to a party down in one of the caravans on site.  Here things became heavy – more beer, wine, bourbon, Glayva, + some dope.  Val turned up, having tracked me down successfully, + was able to eavesdrop my drunken chatting up of some young female – dazzle ‘em with words, mate – the sound, not the sense.  And after a while we went home.  I don’t have the stamina for such affairs that I once had.

First of all, an apology for the non-appearance of this blog for the past few days. Nothing more dramatic than technology failure – our internet supplier here at home has been down for about a week. Indeed, a week! Which has proved to demonstrate just how reliant we are on it nowadays. Our home phone operates off the internet, I read the daioly paper off the internet… and of course Val works from home, running an IT company, so that was pretty disruptive too. Anyway (crossed fingers and all that) all is well again. Till tyhe next time, I suppose.

I thought there was some reference to Waitangi coming up, so have a few Waitangi-related photos to pad out the blog – not specially relevant, but at the very least New Zealand based. I am fairly sure I describe the importance of Waitangi in the blog soon enough, so I@ll save comment till then.

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