February 5th 1983

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Not sure if you’ve seen this one before

Arose late, which seems to be the order of the day ever since we finished day-time work.  I can say we, since Val too has finished work at Twin Pines.  For the last day or two, she was dragging herself somehow through the morning, without even milder than mild enthusiasm for the tasks she had to do – when one loathes getting up because of the work one has to do, it’s time to quit.  It doesn’t matter that much, since she starts work at 3 at the Cascade with all the extra work there is to do because of the policemen.  I, as usual, turned up at 5.30,  but had very little to do, beyond an early rush, + this time it was my turn to be dismissed early, at about 9, instead of Jo.  I was quite unreasonably annoyed about this – some sort of pride (false) in my own indispensability, I suppose.  And it gave me a chance to watch the cricket, which can’t be bad.  England were very unfortunate, the weather playing a considerable role in leading to their defeat, meaning that their chances of reaching the final of the series are considerably reduced.  Which is a shame.  It’s been an excellent series, but will all come down to a severe anti-climax if Australia do the expected + win.  But in any case, the games have attracted a lot more fans to the sport.  Even Val has shown some interest.

And so our time at Twin Pines, at least, has finally ended – the first of the three to go, but as we are still making money at Cascade, will carry on there for a little while yet.

Not sure that my interest in the cricket will be much understood beyond the cricketing world – basically the old Empire.

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