February 4th 1983

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Pretty certain that I’ve used this photo, of Bill and Marion, before, but I am getting pretty desperate for photos, and I don’t suppose it will do you (or them) any harm to repeat it.

Arose even later than usual, 11 or so, so hurriedly cleaned the block + then shot in to Paihia.  Main reason was to collect re-prints of a couple of photos,  but they didn’t have them ready – my envelope had been put in the wrong box.  And to buy a Time… which hadn’t arrived.  So, since I completely forgot to visit the travel agency to check up on our tickets, the visit was a total waste of time.

Back within an hour, a spot of lunch with Val, then an afternoon lazing by the pool – another brilliant afternoon.  Work.  At last the blue hordes arrived, but weren’t difficult to serve, so Marion’s precautions – not only Jo + myself but Wanda, Ian’s wife, as well, were a little severe.  I was released at 10.45, with the bar still open – seemed silly to me, I reckon they might still have been busy – so Val + I had a respectably early night.

Even more of a non-day than usual, it seems.

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