February 1st 1983

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Waitangi colonial house interior

What a way to start a month!  I felt awful, still very drunk, but hungover as well.  Eventually I could stand it no longer, + came down to the block + made myself throw up.  Then returned to sleep some more.  After which I was just a bit better, + able to force myself to eat + drink, while doing the washing.  Even food didn’t have its normal immediate curative effect, so, the washing done, Val + I trolled into town to post letters, buy some food, + have a banana milkshake.  This ws just what the doctor ordered, + performed wonders.  Home to tea (with a great deal more relish) + then work once more.

It was a late night, there being just a few more policemen, all of whom seem to be big drinkers.  2 new members of staff – a new waitress, Sheryline, who seems to be very nice, + a wine stewardess, Jo, whom I was supposed to train.  However, since there was clearly nothing for her to do, Marion sent her home at 8.  She seems pleasant tho’, + is company for me.

Have realised I made no comment at all on another heavy drinking session last night, but my sins clearly caught up with me. Ah well.

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