January 29th 1983

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Val worked for Sue this morning, helping to clean the units.  I had intended to go to Paihia with another attempt to buy a Time, but by the time I’d got up, done the washing, + cleaned the block, it was too late – this is New Zealand, you know, + shops shut on Saturday afternoons.  So we spent the reast of the day relaxing by the pool, feeling miserable (still).  Wrote a couple of letters, to Graham + Sue, + had a swift swim, then showered, + work again, without the slightest enthusiasm.  I was in a bad mood, largely, I think, because I was hungry + didn’t get fed again – a right pain.  Grabbed a couple of beers when we left, + called in on Robert on the way home – there was a quiet sort of party going on  there when we went past, so stayed for about an hour.

A familiar pattern for me when encountering new people is to take an instant dislike, and only later discover that I quite like them after all. Defiinitely appears to be the case with Robert. There are, alas, no photos of Robert, and I can’t say I remember him at all, except through the diary.

The photo references the other mysterious omission from the diary – a trip out to visit a sheep farm, and to see some shearing. Neither of us has the slightest recollection of such an outing, nor how we might have got there, but the p-hotos are in the album nonetheless.

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