January 28th 1983

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Val playing quoits

Slept late this morning (I wonder why.)  However, didn’t feel too bad, especially once I’d got some breakfast inside me.  I was then able to raise the energy to go up to the shop + to clean the block.  Big news of the day was a letter, finally, after all this time, from Graham.  A good one too – he was his usual amusing self.  It didn’t really help tho’ – still I was affected by an unutterable sadness.  I can’t even explain it – perhaps something of a backwash after the events of yesterday.  Val is feeling something of the same, she tells me.  Apathy about staying, moving on, returning home.  And having extra time on my hands doesn’t help.

In the afternoon, Val + I went into Paihia, mainly to bank the money we’ve earnt, + to buy a Time.  Except there weren’t any Times.  Ho hum.  Back early, + then read + wrote, before I had to go off to work.  A Con-Tiki tour in, but they soon all buggered off on a disco cruise, so I was able to close the bar down at 8.30.  I hung around for ages tho’, waiting for Athena, whose last day it was, so we could go to the pub for a drink.  However, Victoria, the other waitress, was her usual chronically lazy self, so Athena didn’t get finished till after 10.  No dinner either.

A regular feeling, of simply wasting time, which tends to affect us whenever we are stationary for a while. It is a relief at first to escape the daily toil of where to stay, how to get there, etc, but does leave more time for introspection.

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