January 26th 1983

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The Tiger Lily

Sewers again today – it’s alright tho’, you get used to it.  And since I shifted beer for part of the day, I was able to escape the sewers’ oily clutches for an hour or so.  Also, Robert has persuaded Gordon to get in some people to finish the job off properly with the right equipment.  So all we had to do today was winch out the grass + other foreign matter with a bucket.  And since it was Robert  down at the bottom of the hole in the shit, + me at the top, I shouldn’t really complain.  Finished quite late, as I wasn’t working in the evening.

Ah well, at least it seems this particular unpleasant task is coming to an end; could it mean a return to the cellar?

I have decided to rescind my earlier, somewhat hasty decision to abandon using photos to accompany the posts, where there are no obvious candidates. So,as you can see, photos are back. (I will also go back and pop something or other to fill in the past 2 days worth, but if you receive this blog by email, my guess is that you won’t receive the updated version, so will have to go back into the home page and archive to see it.

It also means I have the chance to correct, or rather add to, the diary. There is no mention whatever in the diary of two trips that we took around this time, though both are recorded (with photos!) in our photo album. So here they are. (I imagine they were simply forgotten during one of my frantic attempts to catch up, and bring the diary into real time.) Not that I can say all that much about either trip, since our memories are as fallible as the diary, but there you go.

One was a cruise around the bay on the Tiger Lily, a large catamaran. Local workers in the hospitality industry were given a free ticket (presumably so they can then recommend it to other guests) and eventually our tune came. And pleasant enough, my very vague recollection seems to suggest. At any rate, one of the very few perks we were to receive.

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