January 25th 1983

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View from the stern of the Tiger Lily

Back to the sewers again today – the work was rather more unpleasant, + Robert was a shade more obnoxious.  We constructed a sort of derrick over one of the tanks during the morning, + after lunch came the really unpleasant bit, hoisting up buckets + buckets of shit.  Most of it has been pumped out already, down the drain, but we still have to remove the black, evil-smelling sludge – we’re just hoisting it up + tipping it over the grass.  Robert is the one down in the tank, but my job is only marginally better, pulling the stuff + tipping it out.  At least he’s got some wellies.  I’m walking in the stuff in flip-flops.

Rushed home to get changed – I’d already showered + shaved when I went up to the tent to fetch my work clothes, + a half-asleep Val told me I wasn’t required this evening.  After last night, I can’t say I’m surprised.  So had a couple of beers, cooked dinner, + headed up to the tent for an early night.

An uodated message, to state that the photos will continue to be posted; briefly, this was suspended while I despaired of finding anything suitable, but has now been restored!

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